EGOSE aims at the highest level of academic standards. All authors must strictly follow the EGOSE Academic Ethics Policy, as well as the Springer Authors’ Code of Conduct.

All papers undergo review by at least 3 members of the Program Committee, as well as additional checks by the Editorial Board.

The violation of the rules leads to the rejection of the paper at any stage, including volume preparation.

By submitting a paper, the authors confirm that:

1) The paper has not been published anywhere before. Exceptions can be made for preprints, but the final decision on acceptance is up to the Program Committee heads and the Editorial Board. Authors must disclose the fact that the paper has been published as a preprint.

2) The paper is not a translation of an article published previously in a language other than English.

3) The paper does not contain plagiarism or extensive self-plagiarism. Direct borrowings from previous papers should not exceed 20 percent of the text, should not be related to the main findings of the submission, and must have correct references to initial articles.

4) The authors have all proper rights for copyrighted materials used in the paper. Pictures, figures etc. must either have free license for commercial use or be created by the authors.

If any of these violations are revealed, the paper is rejected and excluded from the Conference program and / or the Proceedings, regardless of the stage of the Conference / Proceedings organization.